We provide all levels of accounts preparation work, be it a small income and expenditure for tax return purposes, or fully compliant statutory accounts for Limited companies, including simplified abbreviated versions for submission to Companies House. Our computerised programmes ensure accounts are produced in an acceptable and presentable format.

Our full accounts service will involve the preparation of your accounts from your accounting records, the discussion and commentary of these financial results with you, and finally the submission of them to the relevant bodies.

Where necessary we can advise on your accounting systems, records and procedures to facilitate the smooth running of your business and the preparation of the year-end accounts.

Personal Tax

We can assist in the preparation and submission of your personal Tax Return with HM Revenue & Customs. We cover all aspects of personal taxation and will complete the necessary entries on your Tax Return, advise you of your liabilities and payments due dates. As agents, we will review correspondence from HM Revenue & Customs and ensure that your personal tax affairs are kept in good order. Likewise, we do are utmost to ensure that filing deadlines are met, ensuring that no unnecessary filing penalties occur.

Corporation Tax

Combined with our accounts preparation service for Limited Companies we will compute the Corporation tax of an entity. We will advise you of the liabilities and payment dates. We can discuss the tax position and advise on methods to mitigate the liabilities of the company If HMRC enquire into the company returns, we can provide the support and assistance to agree the position.


As with many things, there are many different ways to start anything new – the same applies with business. We will advise on whether to start as a Sole Trader, in a Partnership, or as a Limited Company. We will advise you on the varying reporting requirements of each business vehicle, and assist you in fulfilling these requirements.

We understand that starting a new business can be complex, and sometimes daunting, and therefore we are on hand for any query you may have.


We offer a Company secretarial service that deals with the statutory obligations of a Company. You can appoint us to act as company secretary and we will ensure that the all the ‘secretarial obligations ‘ are met, freeing the time of the directors to devote their time in running the company. We also offer a registered office service, which enables your company to adopt our office address as the company’s registered office.

We can also be on hand to deal with Company Incorporations and the statutory paperwork in creating such an entity.

Payroll Bureau

We offer a comprehensive payroll service whether it is monthly, weekly, 1   employee, or 100 employees. We will compute the net pay, Tax and National   Insurance deductions, supply payslips, reports, and will advise on the amounts   due each month or quarter to HMRC. We can produce the year-end reports, and advise on aspects of employment law,   including holiday pay, sick pay and maternity pay.


We can provide bookkeeping solutions to suit   your needs, whether this is done quarterly to coincide with your VAT reporting,   or monthly to provide you with up to date data on the business performance. We   aim to reconcile and document all control accounts to include bank accounts,   sales debtor accounts, and purchase creditor accounts, providing you with the   necessary reports to assist you in running your business in a presentable, easy   to follow format.

We can prepare VAT returns for all types of   business, whether you are standard accounting, cash accounting, flat rate   accounting, or annual accounting. We will reconcile your VAT account and will   ensure you are fully up to date with the VAT man, and that more importantly that   all VAT has been declared and reclaimed.

Business Advisory

We are always on hand for any business advice that it is necessary in the smooth running of your business. We can implement accounting systems, train staff on these systems, and ensure that the reporting environment is maximised. However small or large the query, we can help.